Brown Pelicans Virtual Airlines Status

Brown Pelicans Virtual Airlines is a fictive, non-profit organisation for virtual flying enthusiasists. We use FSAirlines system to manage pilots, fleets and track flights. The system is free for pilots. No member of this virtual airline can demand some financial performance from any other member of this virtual airline.


Privacy Policy

This webpage has informational character only. No personal data are stored in the system and databases of this webpage. Registrations of pilots are performed in the FSAirlines system and the IVAO network, if you are or want to be a member of IVAO.


Requirements for Pilots

  • The age 13 years old, at least.
  • Registration in the FSAirlines system and usage of their Flight Tracker to track the flights.
  • Performing of the first flight within 14 days of joining us.
  • Perform at least one flight per month *.
  • Fly only aircrafts you are familiar with.
  • Fly without time acceleration. (Sim rate 1x)
  • Pilots flying online on the IVAO network must comply with the rules of the IVAO network and must not damage the company's reputation by their conduct.
  • No indecent behavior will be accepted.

*) In case of inactivity, a pilot may be grounded. A returning grounded pilot has to send a message to CEO to be returned to operations.


Requirements for staff

  • Be helpful
  • Answer the question ASAP
  • No offensive behavior

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Turks and Caicos Islands

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San Juan, Puerto Rico

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