Since April the 13th, 2021 our virtual airline is a member of IVAO.

Online flying can give you another experience, especially if you are flying in an area with an active ATC (Air Traffic Controller).

We have to mention that online flying will stay optional for our pilots. But for those who are interested in, we are preparing guides, how to do so.


Connection and Flight Plan Requirements

(Information for existing IVAO users)

The system of IVAO has to know that the flight is performed under Brown Pelicans identification, so you have to use our official ICAO code: BPE in your callsign.


Example of Scheduled Flight

When you book a scheduled flight, use a flight number for IVAO connection as your callsign.

Let's say, you will book the flight from MBPV to MBGT with flight number BPE0001

BPE0001 will be your callsign for this flight, so you use it for connection in the IVAO Client - Altitude or Ivap and also fill this callsign into your flight plan.

When you will fly back MBGT to MBPV you will reconnect IVAO Client and fill your flight plan with new callsign BPE0002, because the number of the flight changes to BPE0002.


Example of Charter Fligth

When you book a charter flight, you have to use your VA-ID as your callsign.

In expamle, you will create a charter flight from MBPV to KFXE. Because there is not a flight number now, you connect the IVAO Client and fill your flight with your personal VA-ID BPEXXX as your callsign.


Callsign Brown Pelican

It happens that ATCs doesn't know all new callsigns in the IVAO Network so we highly recommend to put this line into Remarks field of your flight plans:


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