The market with cargo packages is not very kind for Providenciales, so we decided to move a part of cargo division from Providenciales (MBPV) to Haiti, Port-au-Prince (MTPP). It means that the larger aircrafts from MBPV was assigned to the new MTPP cargo division.

Also we built a warehouse in MTPP to collect packages if it is needed. It means that we would like to use this HUB as a tranfer HUB for the T.C.I. and vice-versa.

The fleet: B752, B733, A330, A321, DH8D, SF34, F50

Collecting Aircrafts:

  • B752 - 86000 lbs of cargo sapce
  • B733 - 41000 lbs of cargo space
  • A332 - 154000 lbs of cargo space
  • A321 - 59000 lbs of cargo space
  • DH8D - 19000 lbs of cargo space


Delivery Aircrafts:

  • DH8D - 19000 lbs of cargo space
  • F50 - 12000 lbs of cargo space
  • SF34 - 8000 lbs of cargo space


If a pilot, or a group of pilots will plan a trip, they can take some packages for the T.C.I and then bring them from MTPP to MBPV or MBGT by Saab 340 or Fokker 50.

In Example:

We made a cargo trip from MTPP - TNCM - TBPB, on the backward journey we are going to make TBPB - TNCM - TJSJ - MTPP trip. At TBPB, TNCM, TJSJ we can take some packages also for MBPV, MBGT, MBAC, MBSC, MBSY. When we land in MTPP, we place the packages to the warehouse or directly into the plane what will take them to the T.C.I.


If you load the packages, be aware of mixing packages for MBPV and MBGT if you do not plan to fly to both destinations. The package system allows deliver packages "by sea" up to 50nm only.

So if you plan to fly just to one destination you must take the packages as follows:

  • for MBPV with packages for: MBSC, MBAC, MBNC
  • for MBGT with packages for: MBSC, MBSY, MBAC, MBNC (This combination is also more profitable, because the distances "by sea" are shorter.)

When you end the flight do not forget to check: Deliver all packages in the client. If you won't do so, you have to deliver the packages manually from web site.



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