FSAirlines Registration

In first, you have to visit FSAirlines registration page and make registration. FSAirlines offers more programs but to became a registered pilot is for FREE.

After successful registration you will get an email to confirm your registration email address.

You can also register to FSAirlines Forum but be sure, you use the same email address and username as for FSAirlines registration. You will be kicked off if not.


First Login

After first logining in you will see this screen:

Click on continue or Crew Center to get to Crew Center page.


Joining Us

1 .On the left side of Crew Center page you will find Virtual Airline menu with select box and some default virtual airline selected.

2. Find out Brown Pelicans VA and select it. The page refreshes and opens Brown Pelicans Info page.

3. On the right side of the page there is Options menu. Click Apply To VA. And that's it. Your application is sent to our message box.

Now you will have to wait until we accept the application. It takes a few hours, depending on day time. After acceptation you'll be at Trainee rank and you have to make 2 training flights to show us your skills.


Information for Experienced Pilot

If you are an experienced pilot from IVAO, VATSIM or another virtual airline on FSA, send us an application with detailed information and we can assign you appropriate pilot rank.


Travel to Our HUB

Once you're a member of Brown Pelicans and your loacation is not Providenciales I./MBPV, you have to travel to MBPV to be able fly the flights. You have to do following:

1. On the left side in Pilot menu click Profile. Be sure that your name is selected.

2. On the right side in Options menu, click Buy Ticket.

3. it opens a simple page, fill ICAO Code - MBPV and click Buy Ticket.

After that your location will change to Providenciales I./MBPV

Now you can book your first flight.

Providenciales International Airport,
Turks and Caicos Islands

Luis Munoz Marin Intl,
San Juan, Puerto Rico

Contact us now
Email : info@brownpelicansva.org

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