Brown Pelicans Virtual Airlines were founded by Branislav “Bruno” Zvolensky in March 2021 at FSAirlines platform. As our name suggests, we are not real airlines and we fly in the virtual world using a flight simulator.

FSAirlines platform provide us a nice system for managing HUBs, fleets and pilots and their FSAirlines Client software tracks flights and works together with MS Flight Simulators and X-Plane. (Unofficially also with Prepar3D via FSUIPC.)



Our Goal

Almost every virtual flying enthusiast has its family, job or school and virtual flying is a time consuming hobby. This is why we offer flights of various time lengths from short jumps to middle range legs, up to 3 hours of flight time.

We hope that everybody finds his favorite routes to fly. We are open minded and if someone wants to fly something what is not in our schedules, we will prepare a route for him or there is still an availability to create own charter flight, depending on your pilot rank.

As we do not play an arcade game but a simulation, we'd like to know about incoming pilots on what level of virtual flying they are. If they are new to virtual flying, we offer them to improve the skills step by step. Of course, we'd appreciate if also experienced virtual flyers would join us, so we have individual effort to them. You'll find more info at Career Path page.


Where We Seat

Brown Pelicans have base in Providenciales International Airport (MBPV) at Turks and Caicos Islands.

We also opened a HUB in Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport (TJSJ), San Juan, Puerto Rico and a small HUB in Barbados (TBPB).

We also have a cargo operations HUB in Toussaint Louverture International Airport, Port-au-Prince, Haity (MTPP).


What We Fly

Our actual fleets consists of propellers and turbo propellers, Embraer Jets, Boeing jets and AIrbuses. But we are prepared to listen our pilots' needs and add their desired planes to the fleet. But if we do so, we are awaiting that the pilot will fly the plane at least once per 2-3 weeks to cover leasing of it.

We have four HUBs, based in:


If you read this until here, maybe you could check how the Career Path looks at Brown Pelicans.

Providenciales International Airport,
Turks and Caicos Islands

Luis Munoz Marin Intl,
San Juan, Puerto Rico

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