Once you booked the flight, it's time to open FSAirlines Client. FSAirlines Client handles the communication between your flight similator and FSAirlines Crew Center system.

If you do not have the client installed, it's time to do that now. Download and install the client to your machine.


NOTE: The following guide is targeted for Trainees and the first training flight, but it's applicable for every flight.


Start your flight simulator (MSFS, X-Plane) and start FSAirlines Client. The login screen invites you. Fill up your credentials for FSAirlines and click Login.


After that the welcome screen comes up with your profile information at the left and some news at the right.



When you click Flight Information button, pre-flight summary screen comes up. You should note Payload and Fuel amount in the aircraft.


Now hit the Fly! button. Fuel Up screen comes up. When it appears, usualy there is some amount of fuel in the tanks. FSAirlines Client reads your actual state in your flight similator. Press Load Initial Fuel! button to load fuel amount from FSAirlines system. In our case it is 0 because our Cessna 172 was completely empty.


We calculated that we need 66 lbs of fuel. Let's split the number and fill up both tanks with 33 lbs of fuel. Then press Fuel Up! button.


After fueling up Confirm Flight screen comes up. If everything is OK, you will see no red information on the screen. You can continue by pressing the button Fly!


Possible errors

There may be a couple of possible errors, which you have to solve before pressing Fly! button. They are shown in red color.

The fisrt one is overloding or underloading problem. The number in the brackets next to Zero Fuel Weight tells you the difference between counted ZFW by FSAirlines and your Simulator ZFW.

If it is a negative or a positive number (in red), your are underloaded or overloaded. To fix that, go to your similator's Payload and Balance setup screen and correct the payload (not fuel) to fit the Take off Weight with FSAirlines Client. In some cases when you buy a payware airplane, it has own Payload and Balance manager attached, so you have to use this manager to change your payload.

When the numbers are still different, but the number in the brackets is in black color, you are in the allowed deviation and you can start the flight.

If the difference is really high like in the image above, you probably sit in the wrong aircraft.


The second problem can be with exceeding the Max Take Off Weight.

In this case the correction of payload has to be done. You can correct it by getting of a passenger from the plane by clicking the Change button next to passengers' weight. Or you can correct it by lowering cargo amount by clicking the Change button next to cargo weight. After the correction the red number next to Max Take Off Weight disappears and you can start the flight.


After starting the flight, switch to your simulator and perform the flight.

Setup your GPS to MBSC or tune your ADF radio to 260 frequency and follow up the arrow. Have a nice flight and happy landing!


When you move from blocks, FSAirlines Client shows you the information about you flight phases, distance, current weight.


When you land and park the aircraft, right after you set parking brake on, you should hear a chime sound and the End Flight screen comes up in the FSAirlines Client

You can write your comment here if something unusual happend and press End flight or Next button. Agter that, a series of summary pages is displayed.

(A little bug is on this page. It is not showing the data about cargo packages if they were loaded and delivered)


Congratulations! You made your first flight with FSAIrlines system. Now you can book and perform the 2nd training flight back to MBPV and after that became Junior Pilot.



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